There is every chance that you just figured out that your house or apartment is infested by bed bugs. At this point many people panic on what they should do, some ask if they should move out or just call the best bug exterminator. First, invest time to research more on the subject and one place you can begin your research is the merkem website. It has detailed information on bed bugs, thus providing you sufficient information on their nature and their habits.

It is important you are aware of the fact that bed bug infestations were very common before world war II. Ever since synthetic organic insecticides like chlordane and DDT have been developed, bed bug infestations in houses were very rare. As a matter of fact, all infestations in the United States of America have been rare in the past Five decades. Nonetheless, due to rarity, bed bugs fell out of the consciousness of the public. This change in pest control practices combined with an increase in international travel and lack of awareness has brought about the dramatic rise in bed bug infestations. It is not news anymore that bed bug infestation is now a problem, most especially in places that attract tourists.

Right after you have researched and gained knowledge on the habit and nature of these little critters, you can confidently make a decision. Some will decide to move out but the chance of you taking the bugs along with you to your new place is very high. If you run away from your problem that will not in anyway solve it, what you need to do is stand up to the problem and face it. Rather than running it is best you go to war with them.

Bedbugs, unlike other pests, are very difficult to exterminate, the key to complete extermination is diligence. Extermination is and will always be difficult, most especially because for a good result you have to uncover their hideouts. The best way to get rid of bedbugs is by not doing yourself, it’s not one of those DIY projects, this is best handled by professionals


This is because you have no experience in this area and if you do it yourself and some insects survive the battle, you put your home at risk of another case of infestation. These little critters will find their way to cracks and funny places to multiply. If perchance you miss the eggs (there is every chance you will, because they are not easily seen with the naked eye), it is most definitely a waste of time and effort. This is among the few reasons you need the help of a professional.

Unlike other pests that can be dealt with by the homeowners, bedbug extermination is very difficult. A professional bed bug exterminator has lots of experience and methods that work and is still working well for them.

You don’t need to be in a haste when dealing with bed bugs. It takes times to get rid of beg buds, you might get a bed bug exterminator today and still have him/her coming around for extermination for a couple of weeks. In order not to be bitten for the meantime, it’s advised that you isolate for bed and clean your surroundings. Nonetheless, bed bugs are not guaranteed to be eliminated, you’re just being safe against them.  It is important that you don’t panic dining this process, don’t sleep at another house or another, in order to avoid spreading it.