You may be familiar to the badminton, tennis or Ping-Pong. Now, we are going to introduce with pickleball. It is one of the popular sports in several countries. However, lots of players do not know the historical facts and the funny details, related to this game. We like to you share with you the game terminologies, rules, origin and other related information at

Pickleball, famous all over the world-

Although the origin of the sport is in America, you can find its prevalence in different other countries, including France, Great Britain, Canada and Spain.

National association for the sport

USAPA, established in 2005 in the USA, is the national association for pickleball. USAPA has a goal to direct and promote this sport. It runs various programs for establishing a relationship with the new pickleball players. Thus, it will develop a community of pickleball.

Millions of active pickleball players

In the United States, you can find over 2 million players, playing pickleball. Most of the participants are in Washington, Oregon and California.

Pickleball- There is no relation to the food, pickle

We have several confusions on the name of this game. However, some say that Pritchard (the inventor of the game) had a dog, named Pickles. This dog had a habit of chasing and taking off a ball.

Best place to play the game

In Iowa, you can find seventy-two registered venues for playing pickleball. Pickle Association in the USA has registered these venues.

Biggest tournament for the sport

It was in 2017, when USAPA had managed over 1000 competitors for playing pickleball in Arizona. In 2018 also, the tournament comprises more matches of pickleball.

Other facts on pickleball

  • The elements, used in pickleball game, have the similarity to that of other sports, like table tennis and badminton. While you are going to play the game for the first, you may try to find the elements, common to the classic sport.
  • The rules of pickleball state that the teams, comprising the wheelchaired players and standing players, can play the game with each other.
  • You know that pickleball game has become very popular, and now, several schools have started teaching the children for playing the pickleball.
  • The players usually play pickleball in a court, looking like a badminton court. The height of the net can be 34 inches. The plastic ball for playing the game is perforated. The paddles may made of wood or composite material. Their size is bigger than the ping-pong paddle size. Pickleball is one of the highly competitive games to the skilled players. You may play the game in a team or as singles.
  • You will not need to put on any special outfit to play the pickleball game. You have to wear anything that is comfortable for you. Pickleball is a game for players of any age. From kids to adults, anyone can take part in the game.

Thus, the above facts may increase your interest in the game. You may buy the kits, essential to play the game.