What are the perfect PS4 external hard drive alternatives in 2018? After all, purchasing a Hard Disk Drive for Sony’s console is a crucial decision; you will be required to have a hard drive that is large enough to save all your games, dependable enough to protect your stored data, and cheap enough to let you have enough money to purchase additional PlayStation games. A large percentage of our team support the WD drives – either the Elements drives or the My Passport (simply because it looks a bit like a mini-PS4) – but we strongly suggest the Toshiba and Seagate drives too. When you are in search for the finest PS4 HDD for you, take note of the storage capacity that you actually require; take into consideration that the regular PS4 game consumes about 50GB worth of storage, if you downloaded it (even though Red Dead Redemption 2 needs 100GB+ on PS4), so you will get around 15-20 on a 1TB hard drive. That is not inclusive of stored data, video footage, or any other files you will be needing on the HDD.

Should you absolutely purchase a PS4 external hard drive? Indeed, a large percentage of people actually do due to the fact that they are easy to install and are portable if you are opting for a portable HDD, you will be required to search for one with USB 3.0 as that is the fastest connection and will make for better data and transfer speeds between your hard drive and the PS4. External hard drives often cost less and are simpler to use. You can select between regular HDDs, which cost less, and Solid State drives, which are way costlier but provide faster speeds. They are simply, the perfect solution.

However, you can also go for an internal HDD for your PS4. This was a more famous choice prior to the introduction for full support for external hard drives by Sony, and it is surely a neater solution to the concern of widening your console’s storage capacity. Formerly, the read speeds and transfer were faster, but that is hardly the situation at the moment. Crucially, making a change on your internal hard drive will not affect your warranty so you do not need to be bothered.

If you intend to work on a budget when carrying out your PS4 hard drive upgrade, then that does not mean you are required to hold back on capacity. The HGST Travelstar 7K1000 has a large 1TB capacity, and it turns at 7,00RPM – quicker than the standard PS4 hard drive, which only turns at 5,4000RPM. That signifies that you will see a diffident performance increase with the hard drive as well.

Is upgrading your PS4 hard drive worth carrying out? Certainly. It is simple, it does not take up to thirty minutes if you are fast (plus a short time for games re-installation) and it is not really that costly: about the cost of a new game. It does not even nullify your warranty.