GPS satellites are finally uncovering their usefulness to the average consumer. Though it is not everyone that is equipped with global positioning systems, there are other devices that are out there in the mainstream market that offer GPS systems. There is every possibility that you will be overwhelmed with the wide range of options available to you. The way you can go about figuring out your needs is by exploring the different options on There is no doubt that you will come across a category that is made specifically for your needs as there over five different GPS systems available.


It is important you are aware of the fact that basic GPS systems are designed with basic receivers that are useful in reporting the current location using longitude and latitude units. They have limited storage capacity that allows some days maps to be preloaded onto the device. These maps usually contain major landmarks, highways and some particular points of interest. You should not at any time expect this GPS system to be very graphical, owing to the fact that they make use of sealed down processes. Fortunately, you can get a basic GPS system for under $100.


These are very similar to the basic GPS system, but they come with stat tracking tools that are very beneficial to sports enthusiast or training athletes. Majority of these tools include calorie trackers and heart rate monitors. For convenience this global positioning system devices are worn rather than handheld so they are exercising routines are not to be interrupted. An example of a sports global positioning system device is the GPS watch.


Global Positioning Systems are self-explanatory, but without a doubt, they come in two types. A renowned type is a portable unit that is purchased separately. Many popular GPS manufacturers offer a wide variety of models at premium and budget prices. Some of these premium models contain advanced features like online connectivity and Bluetooth functionality in order to get real-time traffic information. This system tends to come with suction cups so you can have them mounted to the dashboard or windscreen

It is important to you are aware of the fact that the in-dash units tend to be more expensive but they are appealing as they are mounted permanently in the car. Any disadvantage to this unit is that the GPS system cannot be transferred to another vehicle. None the less, they tend to be integrated with the features of your car in a better manner which results in great functionalities.


Portable devices are becoming a trend and they are becoming more functional than ever. This began around the time when PDAs were very popular and some of the recent devices equipped with Global Positioning services features and matching GPS software. Majority of these software applications found their way to smartphones so people can go about planning routes using their phone’s interface. Touch screen phones are a lot better as they resemble the portable automobile GPS systems and the screen displays high-resolution maps. The removable media storage is also being increased in capacity, thus allowing more waypoints and maps to be stored.

For special purposes like marine GPS, some kind of GPS application has to be installed on laptops as long as there is a GPS receiver hardware in place. Though it tends to be bulkier than other portable GPS system, laptops are designed with larger screens and powerful specifications.