There are many people who are a victim of time and have served jail sentence while there are others who were in jail due to the crime that they had committed. One common problem of both the people is that they are not welcomed back in society and they also face great trouble in finding a job for them to earn their livelihood. If this is the issue then there is no need to worry as there are many consultants that can tell you about the Jobs That Hire Felons. There are some companies that overlook your criminal record and give you an opportunity to make your future bright.

Various job opportunities for felons

Wind turbine technician – not many people wish to become a wind turbine technician. So, you might go for this job. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you will have to work at the height so you should not be afraid of heights. There are many companies which hire felons and provide additional services also like health insurance and paid time off. These companies do not ask for any experience, they only require documents of the education.

Mobile app developer – the mobile apps are now designed by almost all the companies. If you have a talent to design an app for the company then you can apply for the mobile app developer. It is one of the best jobs for the felons to get new opportunities and earn more money in their life. In the case of felons, the company looks at the skills and offers the job.

Marketing specialist – there are some companies that require a marketing specialist who holds a bachelor’s degree and some experience in their working field. Mostly, companies require internet marketing to promote their business.  As a marketing specialist, your responsibility will be to help your employees to build effective strategies and manage all the promotions.

Plumbing – plumbing companies also welcome the felons with open hands and offer them jobs. If you do not have any experience there is no need to worry as the company will give you the necessary training for the job so that you can do your job with perfection.

How consultants can help the felons?

Generally, if the felons apply for the job, they might not get selected if the company conducts a background check on the candidate as they will get to know about their criminal background. So, the felons should seek help from the professionals who will help them in several ways.

  • Guide them in the right direction – the consultants will first motivate the felons and guide them in the right direction so that they can get back their confidence and apply for the jobs. They will provide several options for jobs like automotive repair, customer service etc. Based on the skills the felon has they will suggest the right field.
  • Make an impressive resume – the consultants will help in making an impressive resume for the candidate. As far as the criminal record is concerned, they will tell the employer in advance about it so that you do not face any kind of embarrassment at the time of interview.