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This website is a patchwork of the many different notes that we’ve come up with over the years. As you can imagine, given that there’s a lot of odds and ends here, there are going to be lots of loose ends. While we have taken great pains and efforts to make sure that this website lives up to the highest quality standards, there’s still a lot of work to do.

We freely admit this. Just like what other online property or online publication, there’s always room for improvement. We understand this. And this is where you come in.

If you are reading many of the pages in this website, let us know if there are areas where we did not do a good job. Let us know that there are areas that could stand some improvements. Please understand, that there is a big difference between qualitative issues, and technical issues. A lot of people confuse these.

Some people think, that if there is some sort of technical issue, then the whole website, content and everything, falls flat. That is too much. Seriously, that assumes too much because there is a big difference between technical issues and quality issues.

You may be reading a solid gold, top notch piece of content that teaches you stuff that you haven’t thought about before, but the page might be behaving erratically. It may not be loading properly. It may be loading too quickly or too slow. Whatever the case may be, the issue is one of presentation. Not substance.

Do not confuse form with substance, and this is the kind of mistake people commit, time and time again. Erase this issue, because we need your help with technical issues, but also with quality issues.

So when you come across content that is not up to date, impartial, obviously biased, or suffering from all sorts of editorial shortcomings, do let us know. You should also let us know when pages don’t load properly.

But don’t think that, just because there are technical issues, that this website is automatically not worth your time. You will be doing yourself a big disservice, if you do that. You will be missing out on a lot of things. Also, you would be a loss for us, because we need your voice. We need your feedback. We need your unique take on the information that we present here.

We believe that our work is very important, because the Shakers, whether people like them or not, whether people choose to remember them or not, played a very important role in the cultural evolution of this country. In fact, in some level or another, their influence continues to this very day. The whole idea that politicians and policy makers talk about hard work all the time, is a testament to the real hard work that the Shakers price-valued and advocated during their time in American history.

They’re part of what made us as a a collective American body, who we are today. The simple fact, that a lot of the things that the Shakers believe in are no longer in fashion, or are often directly opposed by many groups today, doesn’t make their influence any less authentic. It definitely doesn’t take away from the important accomplishments America was able to achieve, thanks to Shaker cultural influence.