The selection of the best motorcycle GPS accessory depends on how you use it. If you embark on long trips, opt for a unit that offers durability and excellent navigation coupled with an extended battery life. The best GPS for a motorcycle can offer these features. It is equipped with the detailed and comprehensive maps of the United States and has the capability to withstand external elements.

In addition, it provides weather, road and traffic alerts which help to keep you safe. It helps you to get information about the traffic jams and bad weather in the area. This motorcycle navigation system also alerts you about railroad crossing, school zones, and other possible obstacles on the road. For any motorcycle GPS system, other features that must be embedded in the system include Bluetooth connectivity, a bigger screen, a waterproof build and ability to detect fuel level and tire pressure.

Main Features to Look For

The true fact is that the most essential feature of a GPS unit is the navigation. I am sure that you are looking for a motorcycle navigation system that is equipped with all the whistles and bells, ranging from lane assist to traffic alerts. These features help you to change your route quickly to get the most accessible route. It is really worth the price if you opt for this accessory. It will help you get the most comprehensive maps and at the same time enables you to see certain junctions and intersections in a clearer form so as to navigate these routes safely and accurately.

When selecting a GPS unit, the visibility and control of the screen are other features you should look out for. Always ensure that the unit has the capability to withstand all sorts of weather condition and resist the fading and cracking that comes with UV rays and fumes.

Using the GPS

The motorcycle navigation unit should be able to create a clear pathway to the intended destination. It should also encompass the points of interest, such as local hot spots and restaurants along the way, so as to enable you to know where to stop in case you are hungry. Also, you can activate the alarm to enable you to get an alert when:

  • The traffic starts building up in the area.
  • Bad weather will soon happen.
  • When there crossings, railroads or alternative pathways due to construction.
  • When speed cameras or red light are in the area.
  • The conditions of the motorcycle which includes fuel level, tire pressure, and other conditions.
  • When the rider has been on the road for a long period, using this GPS will enable them to navigate much easier.

Another added feature that enhances the usability of this accessory is Bluetooth. This feature enables you to connect to a device via a wireless connection to enable you to make phone calls, stream music and listen to the different directions and locations. These accessories can also be embedded with an app to give a comprehensive weather and traffic report.

Though many people consider TomTom as the best motorcycle GPS system available on the marketplace that has changed in recent times. Garmin flooded the market with a diverse range of products which offers numerous benefits like reliability, durability, and also offer the more advanced technology. The company has expanded its operation by acquiring different subsidiaries and a whole lot of other companies since 2003.