With a high-quality embroidery machine, you have different options and can even design anything made of clothing materials with a well-designed embroidery or incorporate your monograms into it. But if you later opt for the wrong device, it will hamper your creativity. To help you select a great option that allows you to create unique patterns, we came up with this guide that contains all the essential things you have to consider before making a purchase.

Why get a superior embroidery machine?

An embroidery device helps to incorporate designs into items at a faster pace. For instance, the maximum stitching speed of Janome Memory Craft 9900 is around 314 inches per minute, which I consider to be astoundingly fast for hand embroidery. Another reason why most established sewers want to acquire an embroidery machine is due to its accuracy that facilitates the design of perfect-looking masterpieces. The selection of the right embroidery machine is more than making a good investment in your business or hobby, I will describe it as meeting a very supportive friend that can greatly assist.

Can any sewing machine embroider?

Generally, we have two varieties of embroidery devices. The first one is embroidery-only devices; these are ideal for people who already own a sewing and do not require a backup or extra accessory. The second variety is a 2-in-1 combination; such devices are suitable for both embroidering and sewing operation. Those customers who don’t own a sewing device appreciate the added features and functionality and purchase the combo. However, it is quite unfortunate that the 2-in-1 devices don’t have many features compared to their embroidery-only competitors. They cannot stitch faster or better, have a few built-in designs and come with small embroidery field. However, we still have some pleasant exceptions. The Japanese company Brother and the Swiss company Bernina produce affordable and outstanding  2-in-1 machines. Considering the features, these devices are way better than the embroidery-only model or can also be equal. Asides this, they also perform professional sewing.

What are your specific needs?

Some hobbyists like lettering and monogramming. They want to acquire embroidery devices with a diverse range of lettering fonts and select models like Brother PE535. Certain sewers prefer to incorporate designs on a large piece of cloth such as kitchen curtains or bed sets. They need to acquire a device that has an ample embroidery space. If you are yet to choose the kind of decor items you will like to incorporate design onto, I suggest that you opt for a device with two embroidery hoops.

Asides considering the quality of an embroidery device, another essential choice factor is personal needs. So, I will advise that you first think about the items you want to decorate, the particular style of embroidery that you prefer, and base your opinion on it.

What are the features to look for in a quality embroidery machine? A quality embroidery machine that is suitable for every sewer usually has five major features: It is made by a popular company that has a good reputation like Bernina or Brother. It offers a good performance. It gives you the value for your money and at same time suits your personal requirement. The manufacturer offers free technical and customer service. It has up to 25-year warranty on mechanic accessories and for the electric parts, it comes with a 5-year warranty.