Although the services of an expert logo designer might be costly for designing a good logo, a non-expert designer will not cost as much but may not be able to come up with a good logo design. Every problem has a solution so this shouldn’t be a cause for concern. In this article, we shall consider a number of logo creator free online websites that will aid in the creation of a good logo for your business. These websites offer you a kind of template to create your logo. You can do this by simply adding the name of your business, selecting an image, tweaking some alternatives, make some adjustments and you are fine. Thus, the following are our suggested online logo designing websites.

The Free Logo Makers

This website offers you a type of restricted design options to select from and a simple user interface. Still, any person who wants to dedicate additional time can design a good logo. Even though it costs nothing to create your logo, by opting to spend some money you will have the option of getting high vector graphics of your logo design in 8 different sizes.

This can be a good alternative if you truly like the design you have created with the do-it-yourself-editor. This aside, for just $19; a person can commission a graphic designer who creates great designs from original ideas. Therefore, The Free Logo Makers gives you a number of alternatives like; free, vector and custom logos. This works for a person who has a limited budget and desires a personally designed logo.

Logo Genie

Logo Genie is one of the relatively popular websites for designing great logos on the internet. It offers a user-friendly interface. By choosing the category, adding the name of the company a person will be able to see a number of already designed logo options.

As soon as choose a logo you can continue to design it subject to your taste. Adjust the orientation, color, add some glow, gradient till you like what you have come up with. At this stage, you will be ready to download the great logo that you have designed.

Logo Garden

Logo Garden offers a person some simple DIY-editors to design awesome logos. I loved the special symbol effects and the metallic finish effects which the website offers. It offers a great experience to the user alongside effects like shine, shadow, reflect, distress, and so on. Symbol effects like medals and trophies will cause your logo to be utterly amazing and unique. When you love what you have come up with you can proceed to sign up and be provided with a link to download your logo.


Want great logo design options? Logaster is the website for you! Providing a decent UI causes the design process for logos to be efficient and speedy. I found the getting of a good logo design after a moment on the website to be amazing.

As soon as you like your logo, you can sign up on the website and access your freely designed logo in a zip file. In this downloaded zip file, you will get six different revised logos such as; one with invert emblems, another with a transparent background, and so on.